Between work and running errands. I wrote my first book, For Sale on my September 14th. A series of books inspired by the 1930 - 1950s serials. What if we had space travel in the past? What if by the 1930's we have already been traveling among the stars for a over 100 years. What if a lot of the social problems we had throughout history happened in a slightly different way. This is their story of what happened about 90 years ago. Characters Loosely based on Rocky Jones Space Rangers, The life and times of the Main characters from the 1930s to the 1950s. These are their Stories.

Rocky a hard nose, squared jaw, troubled space ranger, who gets the job done wins medals and keeps anyone from getting to close to him.

Winky Smart talented, He has a few secrets of his own, But his charm ,wit , and humor will keep you in stitches.

Vena Smart sophisticated, takes no crap from anyone, A polygot and and astro navigator. She occasionaly goes to blows with Rocky yet he lets her in to his inner circle.

Cleolatte the Leader of the main enemy, How did such a sweet girl grow up to turn into one of the most feared villians around?

Atlasan, Diplomatic laid back, Does his Job well, not like the Other Ophesians. But he provides advice and balance to Cleos Erratic actions, and one of the few people who can get away with telling her what is what and why. Darganto Cleos muscle and advisor, when their is a need for muscle military tactics he his her go to man, but has a temper and odd addiction to violence, even for an Ophesian.

Help me out, I worked 1 year on this book and before that a year researching, plotting and planning, I have done at least 15 revisions, several spell checks and fix continutity errors. So if you find something we may of missed. Send me line to

BBS are back as of today there are Around 900 Online. Bring Back the old days.

IRC has never left and is still popular Use the Clients. Also Note some BBS are can do IRC.

AIM,Yahoo,ICQ,Yahoo, and of course WIM instant messaging services are slowly being rebuilt.

RSS feed is what you need to use as a notification not IG,Not FB, Not Twitter not Redit.

Learn HTML, you can make it as fancy or as simple as you wish.

What I miss the most about traditional chatrooms, No Gifs, ASCII art I dont include but was at least creative.

Remember those chat room Clubs, I miss those, You would have 6 to 12 people basicly moderating the content of a chat.

And you would see screen names like "X1xThingyx1X" and they would have their own website, of course one or two of them would have access to the proggies, Sometimes but not always they have WAREZ connections. They would get those punters that annoyed the crap out of the room. Or Room breakersso you could break into a full room when some one left otherwise it was who could click the mouse the fastest. On AOL  that was not too much of a problem until after 2007 since most rooms doubled. The most I ever  saw was i think 11 Town Hall Chats.

Another thing I miss about chat Rooms is that if I was sick or had insomnia at 3 AM in the morning  , I could talk to 20 other people who had the exact same problem.

And onlike social media sites or social Dating aps. We actually did know eachother, We would hang around and talk to each other everyday for hours and hours.And we would have disagrements and fights, and When we where on each others  Buddys list, that means we were actual friends. Unlike social media who pretty much gives you a list and tells you, This is who you should like. Even if they don't seem interesting. And Conversations are limited now. I am sorry using the comments section of an article or website to have a conversation with someone is idiotic. it is a Comment Section not a Lets Chat.

I am a writer and I found out writers prefer to chat and bounce ideas off  eachother, On america online before they were actually shut down I was hanging out. Even in IRC and on AIM i know at least two other writers. Other then bouncing ideas off eachother they talk about how to market. Especially going around the Big Boys. We need to learn those skills from the old  days.
Old School Marketing Tricks
Affilate Links A link with a banner or a tag
Link Exchanges You agree to post a Link and they Return the favor.
Link Pages Pages for all your favorite links sometimes organized By Subject or Content
Web Rings An organized Group of Websites and pages organized by interest or content.
Ezines Sometimes your entire content was reproduced in text one of the many text formats for Distrubution. That could be downloaded from a FTP a Newsgroup a Forum or an EMAIL.
Email Lists Op in Email lists. Some one subscribes to your email.and they get the content they want.
Profile Pages Put your links and content in your Chatroom or Social media Profile.Before linked in we had our Resumes and Vitaes on our own websites.
Instant Messaging Som Instant messangers have Profiles that people can look up.
Top Lists A collection of Links organized either by Favorites or a Voting System.
WebAwards Some people websites offered Web awards to other websites they liked very much.And You got to wear a Banner or tag they made for you.
Any More Ideas? Let me know on AIM.

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