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Hello I am working on becoming a shrink. While working on an internet tv show and I may show clips of behind the scenes. and other things I also have a Bittube channel with my occasional rants. Atticus Remembers, Atticus Recommends and Atticus Rants. Since I do reviews and love almost anything retro even the 1920. I also despise Poltical correctness Though i am a big advocate of bringing Etiquette back . I believe in good manners.

I been here since the internet as we know it started. And I do miss chatrooms and I found some that have people in them often. As well as a few others thing  and on to making the page look all retro. As I work on this page the memories are flooding back. I think we need to find some no GOOGLE no FACEBOOK buttons soon and No Youtube buttons I know I know I will fix that soon. But I got on one before I knew it was evil and I got on the others because the University made me.

OSA Space Rangers The adventures of OSA agents Rocky Jones, Winky, and Vena as they fight inner galactic crime aboard the XV-9. While protecting both space and Earth, they bring to justice criminal masterminds, stop attempts at overthrowing governments, and bring in escaped prisoners throughout the solar system. They also must deal with the schemes of the reigning Suzerain who has her own internal struggles she must deal with. With the help of her two henchmen she must try to keep her crown and life as she deals with assassination attempts and attempts to seize her power.

THanks guys for subcribing I still can not post for a few more days or reply but thank you everyone.

Want to See behind the scenes and the set?

IMDB PAGE. OSA Space rangers..

Some images of partially finished cockpit. OSA Space rangers..

Some special FX prototypes..

Some more special scenes from OSA..

Space station from OSA..

Planets and other things from OSA..

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