Loving the Retro

About the Writer.

I love Retrothings or retro-looking things, I have a passion for things from 1920-to the 1950s. My entire book series covers 1930-1950 space travel. I love relaxing to old music on my fake retro victrola playing old-fashioned round disks. I am a 70's, 80's, and 90's child when life was fun, computers were awesome, and chatrooms and home pages ruled. In an ERa where creativity and freedom seem to be dead and what seems biblical times are coming if it is the end of the world. I AM GOING OUT, HAVING FUN. Now on a serious note. I have a BS in Psychology, Specializing in I/O Psychology. Also Eutriphicantion Studies. I am on AIM look for Atticus. Whenever the server is running correctly.

I am on AIM, I am on the IRC, I am on Some BBS, I am on Plurk.com and my videos are on bittube.


That guy is so Cool