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There's been a lot of press lately about "marginal behavior" in the online universe. Here's the skinny on the subject from a true Internet insider.AOL used to be Free Speech AOL Supports Free Speech on the Internet. Find out about the Supreme Court's ruling on the Communications Decency Act. * read more...

Ready to jump into AOLEmu? Someone is trying t bring back the spirit of America Online with a program that mimics the look and behavior of AOL 4.0 FB,Twitter,Google since their is nothing social about social media , But good old fashioned chatrooms where we all could be actual friends and we all knew eachother.Random chat with strangers of course but over time we became real friends some of us actually met, some of you millenials parents met in chatrooms and now you have been reduced tothumbs upping pictures of food from people you have never ever met. Check it Out. review of * read more...

Welcome back to the 90's. Rumours of the death of AIM have been slightly exaggerated, like the phoenix it rises from the ashes! Keep in mind that currently only third party clients that support non SSL and non ClientLogin (miranda, pidgin, older adium), and official AIM clients up to 5.9 will work here. To connect to this AIM server, here's all you need to knowsoc.genealogy.misc. * read more...

Social Media is not Social. *

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* December 2, 1996--ATticus Online working on site *  read more...

* November 25, 1996--AOL and Excite Announce New Strategic Partnership *  read more...

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